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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad News For "American" Jihadi Scum CAIR


Screw CAIR and their bearded Moe they rode in on. American-Islamic relations by Angry White American Ass. How many Americans are running around telling Islamic Jihadi Scum to convert to Christianity or off with their heads?

Alas, I digress. (CAIR enrages me)

It seems as thought that CAIR has: (HT to Weasel Zippers for Israpundit Blog)
The Council on American Islamic Relations, has apparently lost the tax status which enabled it to conduct lobbying activities. The organization was registered for many years under the IRS tax code 501c(4) which allowed the organization to conduct lobbying activities, campaign funding, legislation and candidate backing, and many other government and litigation related activities. [...]
So much for that.

The Jawa Report wants to start the Cowbell Alerts going. ACT is jumping for joy at the prospect while CAIR, in a hissy-fit, complains about LGF.

CAIR needs to be disbanded and their terrorist-tied lamed selves the HELL out of my country.

I'll bring the tar and you bring the feathers.