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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Anti-Americanists Under Attack By Patriots



Here we go folks! I keep saying this over and over that the Silent Majority is rising...America is Rising...and the libtards have had their day in the fun-filled sunny days. Their days are numbered.

Another anti-Amereicanist has met a challenger and it looks like the challenger has a real good shot!!

HT to Gateway Pundit...
1st Lt. Travis L. Manion was killed in action on April 27, 2007 in Iraq's Anbar Province.

Yesterday, his father Thomas Manion, a Republican who recently retired as a colonel in the Marine Reserves, entered the race against antiwar liberal Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.).

Thomas says his son's death was a wake-up call to step forward and serve.
Jules Crittenden has more on the Manion's.
Everyone in this district of Pennsylvania need to get on board here and make this happen!!