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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Anbar Awakening Tipping Point


Read the story the Lame Stream Media will not in a thousand years print.

The pdf 12-page document is here...I have read this enlightening essay and historical document and you should as well. (emphasis added)
The stunning security improvements in Al Anbar province during 2007 fundamentally changed the military and political landscape of Iraq. Many, both in and outside the military (and as late as November 2006), had assessed the situation in Anbar as a lost cause. The "Anbar Awakening" of Sunni tribal leaders and their supporters that began in September 2006 near Ramadi seemed to come out of nowhere. But the change that led to the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Ramadi - what some have called the "Gettysburg of Iraq" - was not a random event. (1) It was the result of a concerted plan executed by U.S. forces in Ramadi. Tactical victory became a strategic turning point when farsighted senior leaders, both Iraqi and American, replicated the Ramadi model throughout Anbar province, in Baghdad, and other parts of the country, dramatically changing the Iraq security situation in the process. [...]
The above passage is from the first page of the document and page 41 of the publication. The below is from page 4 of the document and page 44 of the publication under the sub-section entitled Actions in Summer and Autumn, 2006.
[...] Wherever we established improved security, we established civil military operations centers (CMOCs) and began the process of restoring services to the area. After securing Ramadi General Hospital, we began an extensive effort to improve its services and to advertise it throughout the city. Prior to our operation there in early July 2006, the hospital's primary function had been treating wounded insurgents, with most citizens afraid to enter the facility. We also took a different IO tack with the sheiks. Instead of telling them that we would leave soon and they must assume responsibility for their own security, we told them that we would stay as long as necessary to defeat the terrorists. That was the message they had been waiting to hear. As long as they perceived us as mere interlopers, they dared not throw in their lot with ours. When they began to think of us as reliable partners, their attitudes began to change. Still, we had to prove that we meant what we were saying. [...]
Read the above again. Then read it again. After you have read it twice, read it three more times and let it sink in. Then compare those words with those words we have been hearing from the Pelosi - Murtha - Reid - Biden - Clinton (either one) - Barack O'Dumbo types. Do you see the contrast? Do you recognize the total and complete LIES from our political leaders?

From Amy Proctor:
So the next time you hear John Murtha, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama taking credit for the success of the surge because their threats to pull troops out if "Iraqis don't step up to the plate" scared them into progress, DON'T BELIEVE THEM.
No doubt. Remember when Hillary said that "she knows the Iraqi government leaders listen" to her every word? (forward to 3:35 of the video) Such an idiot she and her kind are. The Iraqis listen to her for a sneer, chuckle and snort.

The men assigned and attached to the Ready First paid a terrible price for securing Ramadi. In nine months, 85 of our Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines were killed, and over 500 wounded in some of the toughest fighting of the war. Only the remarkable results they achieved, and the liberated citizens of Ramadi who can now walk the streets without fear, temper the grief caused by their sacrifice. It is gratifying to see our model adapted and used elsewhere in the War on Terror. It proves once again that America's Army is truly a learning organization. In the end, probably the most important lesson we learned in Ramadi was that, as General Petraeus said, "Hard is not hopeless". MR
This is what the communist funded "peace movement" in the US doesn't understand or, they do understand it and they fear it.

I wrote a piece the other day in regards to another potential "Boston Tea Party" looming on the horizon. I am ready...are you? Will you have the stomach for it or are you too afraid to fight for that which you know in your heart is right? Will you roll over and pull the covers over your heads and pretend that which is happening to our country isn't our parents did in the late 60s and early 70s?

Or, do you not care? If you do not care now and when the you-know-what hits the fan and you find yourselves in a fix wishing you had done something, don't ask me and men like me to help you out...we will be busy elsewhere.

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