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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

War News: The Dunces of Snakes And Snails


Still trying to spin the recent fighting in Basra as a stunning success for their terrorist friends, Nicole Belle is drooling all over herself in the hopes it is true. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for the rest of Iraq and the coalition, she, again, is wrong. So are the idiots at Smoking Mutt Pool.

As shown in a previous post, as the talking heads present their cases, it is clear that the recent "clashes" was meant to influence elections soon coming on the horizon...sound familiar? Al Sadr's "movement" may or may not have garnered some political clout but one thing is for sure - he hasn't gained anything but scorn from his fighters that were left out in the open.

Some leader he turned out to be, eh? Maybe that is why the Leftinistra love him so much - he is a coward and a shameful skunk.

As the poor Dunder Domes at Snakes and Snails and similar socialist hang-outs drool and drivel about how Iraq is FINALLY spinning out of control, we will sit back and inform everyone that they are as wrong as wrong casn be and just laugh at their self-induced idiocy - as we do.

I like what Evrviglnt said over at Political Vindication said:
Reading the reports from Reuters and the Associated Press about Muqtada al Sadr's revolt against the Iraqi government forces over the last few days was like reading delirious letters from a jilted lover. If the left had as much invested in feeding the poor as they do in America losing in Iraq, the world would have an obesity epidemic. So it's with a sly grin I bring you Bill Roggios latest report on what is happening in Iraq: [...]
We brought our readers that some snippet from Bill Roggio earlier and it is clear that the press feels disappointed that Iraq still stands.

Here is another idiot of the Leftinistra...

And, yet another goober at Saloon...Juan Leftist Cole...

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