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Friday, April 11, 2008

War News: General David Petraeus Coming To Town

Remember last September when the Leftinistra with their defeatist yammerings and their treasonous actions tried to besmirch the character of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker as they were about to give their testimony? Does anyone recall the end result? They lost, as usual. Seeing that they are so vested in and with defeat because it makes them feel better about themselves and they love our enemies more than they love their fellow citizens and military members, they should have been happy that they lost. But, alas, it didn't. It just got them angry. Now, General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker are coming back to town and the Leftinistra and their rabid moosetwit clowns on the anti-Americanist Blogdom are getting ready to be trounced once again. Imagine that.

Cyber Pastor and myself will be in DC with Vets On The Hill this next Monday through Wednesday and we will try and broadcast via BTR. On Monday evening, 4/7/2008, Cyber Pastor has a show scheduled at 1800 EST and Sonlit Knight will have the usual show at 1900 EST. Hopefully, these shows will be conducive to the powers that be at the Monday evening festivities. So far, there are no socials or dinners scheduled but that might change. We will try and round up some folks for the shows.

As you can see from the links in the very beginning of this post, the Leftinistra were quite active in trying to disparage the man that they themselves confirmed unanimously and they are, once again, trying to do the same thing. Disgusting, isn't it? So, in honor of General David Petraeus and the men and women fighting the enemy in the Global War On Terror, I am going to post here at ANO an article I wrote and placed up at Digital Journal that did not make it to this blog. (Read the rest)