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Friday, April 11, 2008

War News: smintheus at the KOSmonoffs Is Whining Again


What is it about national secrets that these cretins of the Leftinistra think they have the "right to know" when it is clear that they have no "need to know". We have had years of the Leftinistra informing the enemy what we know about them. In turn, the enemy adjusts accordingly. What a bunch of fools these KOSmonoffs are.

Call the Waaaaaaaaaaabulance! Their goo is leaking.

Naturally, their source of discontent in the Caliphate News Network.
Though the latest NIE on Iraq was delivered to Congress on April Fools' Day, you'll probably never get to see any part of it. The Bush administration decided that the public has no need to know what intelligence agencies think about the state of a country the US invaded and occupied five years ago. [...]
The greater American People do NOT have the "need to know". Get over it, fool. We are in a time of war whether you know it or not and you can do the world a favor and drop dead. Your kind are getting Troops killed and wounded by enabling the enemy with your crap.