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Friday, April 11, 2008

War News: The Socialists Are Working Overtime


San Fran Nanny Nancy Pelosi, the singularly most unpopular SOH in our nation's history is trying extra hard to alienate an ally in South America via blocking the vote to bring about the most needed free trade agreement with Colombia. I can only surmise that Colombia is off track to become a socialist state...must piss her off pretty badly.

Judge Bob is doing his best to bring about an end to King Pork Boy's regime in Pennsylvania by exposing the charlatan's antics to the people of PA and the nation as a whole. No wonder Nancy is upset.

While our Armed Services are killing our enemies, Jimmy Carter is doing his best to ease their pain by once again, befriending our enemies. What a maroon this guy is. I don't know which one is worse...Carter or Levin. Levin says he is disappointed with General Petraeus. Naturally, winners repel losers and seeing that General Petraeus is a winner, perhaps it is normal for Loser Levin to be disappointed. Perhaps if General Petraeus were to become a Loser, Levin would be happy? Do tell. The idiot thinks he can "trick" Generals into emboldening the enemy...imagine that.

John Feehery doesn't get it either. He tells half-truths which equates to half-lies which equates him to moonbat status. He makes the usual retarded statement that "the majority of Americans want us out of Iraq" but doesn't let anyone in on the rest of the story. The guy is a mental midget. We want the troops out when they can come home in Victory. Where has this idiot been hiding?

And Joe Stesak? The very definition of dunce.

I am taking all of this in from many angles and listening to these pathetic cretins makes me ill. I think someone should give General Petraeus a paint ball gun with red paint balls. At the end of the day, there should be camera crews outside the hall and whoever has the most red paint stains gets the Rubber Chicken Award.

Yes. Every Anti-Americanist should have one of these tattooed on their worthless foreheads.

More RCAs to be awarded here at Memeorandum...go figure.