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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Global Cultural Jihad: Madrassa USA

I like it when someone exposes their ignorance and blissfully self-imposed holier-than-thou stupidity to me. It gives me the chance to fillet them.

As some are well aware, there is indeed a Global Cultural Jihad taking place across the globe we call Earth and denying that factoid is tantamount to a full blown case of lethal Ostrich Syndrome.

The other day, on 4/4/08, I wrote a piece entitled Global Cultural Jihad: Shari'a Law For A Week. In this piece, we brought to your attention what was going on in Minnekstan. Evidently, it gnarled some knickers and I received this comment. We will parse it and shred it and expose the individual for what they are...willfully dhimmed. (Read the rest)