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Monday, April 14, 2008

War News: Moment of Truth In Iraq


Just prior to my deploying to DC with Vets For Freedom for the Vets On The Hill event, I had finished Ray Robison's book Both In One Trench for the fourth time and had started reading SSG David Bellavia's book House To House. I finished Bellavia's book on the way home from DC. I received Michael Yon's book Moment of Truth In Iraq the day before I left for DC.

I have just started reading Michael's book for the second time through. All three books I have mentioned above are must reads. Seriously. All three must become Best Seller list components. The only way this will happen is for all that read this post and many others being published as I write, is to buy the books, read them and by word of mouth, propel these books to the highest rankings possible.

And, while I am promoting must read books, don't forget to read Dr Rossiter's The Liberal Mind.