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Friday, April 11, 2008

War News: I Am DC Bound


I will be on a jet plane on my way to DC in just a few short hours to meet up with fellow Vets For Freedom members for the Vets On The Hill. As an odd coincidence, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker will be in DC at the same time. How strange that is, eh? I wonder what is going on? Oh. Wait. I know now.

The Commander in Chief is going to meet with those that know what's going on over yonder and there will be reports to be made and testimony to give. I wonder if General Petraeus is sorely afraid of the warnings from Nancy Moonbat Pelosi....ROFLMAO.

We have known for years that Iran has been in Iraq so what's the Big Upset about? Are these people dumber than cartons of turtle turds or what? Well...don't answer that...just look at that idiot Biden - such a fool he is.

There are some folks that have said that "they are going to pay close attention" to what is said and see who is telling what to whom...morons. Naturally, these clowns have it all figured out...must be all those 'shrooms.

Well, it is 23:24:55 and the plane leaves at 0623...catch ya'll later.