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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

War News: Basra Update


As the news media, the once "main stream" and now since dubbed Lame Stream by me, and the Leftinistra anti-Americanist "progressive" (read that socialist) bloggers claim victory for Al Sadr, we find that Al Sadr got his arse kicked. Well, he didn't get "his" arse kicked but his rag-tag Iranian trained militia did. It is reported that 210 KIA, 600 wounded and 155 captured in 5 days of fighting is a serious arse kicking in anyone's book. 60 of those killed were bad-arse criminals. I hope they are enjoying their 72 virgin gay Rotweillers. Mooki is safe and sound someplace in Iran...go figure but, there is no Iranian input into the "conflict". (If you believe that you are an idiot.)

Naturally, these viral libtard newsies will ignore such gallantry as this. More then likely, they will consider this British hero just another stupid man with guns. Throwing yourself onto a grenade to save and protect others around you is very much a heroic act...the libtards cannot comprehend such actions. Not a single one of them would do such a thing...unless there was something in it for them.

Neither will the libtards honor this man's death, Keith Matthew "Matt" Maupin, whose remains were located after 4 years of being declared as MIA.

And, while we are speaking about retarded libtards, Adam Hanft has decided the phrase I, Snooper, coined many years ago - Anti-Americanist - and has labeled soon to be President Elect John McCain as such because...
John McCain believes that the federal government has no responsibility to help homeowners who were bamboozled into taking out mortgages they couldn't afford. [...]
Moron. You see what we have been preaching for years now - not just us at ANO but ALL of us conservative bloggers? These libtards know absolutely not a thing about Personal Responsibility. Nothing. If they cannot grasp that concept, how, then, can they ever grasp the concept of Patriotism? Because John McCain has said, in essence, that the United States Constitution does not authorize such governmental meddling, he is an Anti-Americanist. How Anti-Americanist is that? What a moron this pathetic libtard at the Huff and Puff is indeed.

Getting back to Basra, Bill Roggio - in theater - has the low-down: his numbers of the losses suffered by the "inept Iraqi Army" as the libtards are claiming are more accurate...
[...] The reasons behind Sadr's call for a cessation in fighting remain unknown, but reports indicate the Mahdi Army was having a difficult time sustaining its operations and has taken heavy casualties. "Whatever gains [the Mahdi Army] has made in the field [in Basrah], they were running short of ammunition, food, and water," an anonymous US military officer serving in South told The Long War Journal. "In short [the Mahdi Army] had no ability to sustain the effort" [...]

[...] 571 Mahdi Army fighters have been killed, 881 have been wounded, 490 have been captured, and 30 have surrendered over the course of seven days of fighting. [...]
That is a little more than 2% of his "army".

So, who won and who lost, again? It wasn't Al Sadr.