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Friday, April 11, 2008

America Hates Left Wingers And Their Blogs


We have always known this but thanks to Gateway Pundit and the Weekly Standard, we have the proof...
Media Matters was an extremely effective leftwing propaganda outfit until it was found out that they were linked directly to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as billionaire leftist George Soros. [...]
Snippets will give no justice...visit Gateway Pundit for the details. Suffice it to say, we conservative bloggers and The New Media are winning the propaganda and PR wars for our Troops here at home as well as waking up the Silent Majority...America Is Rising.

I never did like Media Matters or the Leftinistra rag of Think Digress or After Downing Street anyway.


Copious Dissent:
Media Matters for America began as a purported "scientific" organization who sought to exposed conservative bias in the media. It was cited as a legitimate source by University professors and even liberal journalists. Nevertheless, people on the Right always knew that Media Matters was nothing other than a front group for the most vile people on the Left. [...]
Reminds me of a song, Slip Sliding Away...