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Friday, April 11, 2008

War News: Michael Yon Reporting


Three posts, one of which I have already posted on but, so what?

Color of War...scads of great pics in this one...
The main reason we are beating al Qaeda in Iraq is that we are winning on the moral front. They landed, checked things out, found nothing suspicious, and left the people alone.

Read those words from Michael Yon a few times and let i sink in for a bit and then never ever forget them as long as you live. The picture is one of many. The Troops were in two Blackhawks on patrol and spotted a large group of men. They circled and swooped in and investigated. The Troops found nothing suspicious so they left. Al Qaida would have killed them all. Our Troops did their jobs and left them alone seeing that they were no danger or threat. Amazing. Troops with personal and professional integrity. Amazing.

Holy Brothel...showing the Double Standards of the Enemy which is very similar to our own American Socialist Democrats. You as I say and leave me alone to do what I want to do kind of thing.

Moment of Truth...Michael Yon's book that will be hopefully financing his work in the GWOT. I have purchased my advance notice copy several months ago and it should be shipped in the first batch on 4/4...TODAY!!