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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

War News and Global Cultural Jihad: Obama...Moonbat


I was hoping that Barack HUSSEIN Obama would open up yapper and insert toe-jam. I didn't have to wait too long. He can't help it...he's a moonbat. He takes his Marching Orders from the Anti-Americanists very well and he has learned to ape other's words because, when he is on his own, he speaks like a baboon...incoherent blatherings connected with drivel.

From Al Reuters: Obama takes aim at McCain on Iraq

He missed. If that was his best shot and his best pander expose, he is dead in the water, right here and right now. He might as well do what a good liberal does when the going gets tough...cut and run. He should count his blessings and take his fruit loop of a wife in tow. Listen to this nonsense:
Democrat Barack Obama took aim on Monday at potential White House opponent John McCain on Iraq, saying the Republican senator could not offer a clear definition of success in the conflict and could leave U.S. combat troops there for decades. [...]
It might not be clear to a moonbat but what has been explained in much detail what success in Iraq is or, will be, is just as plain as day. Perhaps Barack had a very poor upbringing and perhaps he was sleeping in school and his history teachers and/or professors either didn't teach him correctly or he is incapable of learning anything contrary to his liberal slants.

What was victory in the American Revolutionary War? The American Civil War? The War of 1812? The French and Indian War? The Spanish-American War? WWI? WWII? Grenada? I would mention The Korean War but that one is still going on thanks to the United Moonbats, I mean The United Nations. I would mention The Vietnam Police Action but the Democrats won a defeat in that one, thank you very much Kennedy you moron.

I would mention the Persian Gulf War but that one had to finished here recently...thank you very much the United Moonbats, I mean the United Nations. Does anyone see a pattern with The United Nations? Just askin'. OH! And Kosovo-Bosnia-Croatia-Yugoslavia...are we STILL there? What determines a "clear definition of success in the conflict and could leave U.S. combat troops there for decades" there? Just askin'.

Do you see a pattern yet? I call it Moonbatitis. To be fair - sort of - perhaps Barack isn't a Moonbat but I think he may have gotten too close to some and now has their cooties. QUICK! See if Bill has any of those "special" cigars laying around. Maybe Hillary or Chelsea knows where he stashes them!

The rest of the article is packed full of Moonbat Platitudes and Barack is clearly unqualified to occupy the White House. Everything he was quoted as saying, I have heard at Anti-Americanist rallies...every single last one.

What Barack and his ilk will not ever be able to understand due to their liberal pathology is that there are islamo-fascists out there that have sworn to kill us all or at least as many as they can. Denying that is tantamount to chronic mental retardation. They don't get it because they don't want to.

In the article, he said that he knows we have been in Korea for 50 years and the USA just cannot afford that. Good. Let the UN pick up the damn tab you blithering fool. I suppose the tactic the libtards were trying to pull off with the McCain 100-Years War Campaign finally blew up as it should have, a McCain spokesman stated:
[...] "With Barack Obama finally acknowledging today John McCain does not support a 100-year war in Iraq, we expect that he will answer his own calls for a more honest debate and stop playing crude politics with such an important issue," McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said. [END]
Don't hold your breathe there, Skippy. I changed my mind. Barack is a Moonbat and you cannot have a rational discussion with a psychotic fruit loop. A friend of says this about trying to have a rational discussion with Moonbats thusly:
"the screeds of a handful of wild-eyed psychotics".

What would Barack say success in Iraq was? Afghanistan? Korea? Terrorism in general? Just once, I would just marvel if a socialist democrat would actually come forward with A Plan instead of double-talking waddle-waddle quack-quack crap.

OH! WAIT!! He did. Bummer. I forgot. Silly me. He said that he would leave a "strike force in the area" but couldn't say for how long. Sigh. The guy is an educated idiot...educated beyond his intelligence capabilities. The video and verbiage of that exchange is here.

What people like Barack are going to do if - God forbid - they get into any power at all is get us all killed with political correctness garbage and will cave to anyone that talks bad about us. I am sick and tired of hearing the "why can't we all get along" trash. There is a report that a stolen vehicle in New Mexico with Iraqi cash and an explosive device is not related to terrorism. I found the story here and a hat tip to the author of a post here. That kind of PC lunacy is unacceptable....stolen car; Iraqi cash; explosive ordnance...Nope! No "threat" there! They were just out joy riding having a grand time.

This nonsense has got to stop. If Barack or Hillary get into the White House, I will not accept their authority on any issue at any time. If they say the sky is blue, I will have to check it myself.

James Lewis at the American Thinker asks the question: Does Obama know America? My answer is a resounding, "HELL NO!".
When I hear liberals talk about this country I don't recognize the place. It's just as if they never talk to their own neighbors or go to their local market. The Left seems to constantly misunderstand normal people in a really paranoid fashion. [...]
No doubt...Ace says that if this election doesn't get over with soon he is going to die of popcorn lung.