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Friday, May 02, 2008

Vultural Jihad: Wright Is Now Fair Game

Sooner or later, the Leftinistra open themselves up and this case is no different. Obama isn't as think as he smart he ain't...or something along those lines. The New York Sun has an article entitled "McCain Reverses Course on Obama's Pastor". And, it is about time. As we all know, McCain isn't our first, second, third or even fourth choice but he is the choice. We have to deal with that and I know that there are going to be some hootin' and hollerin' about it but, with that said, would we "Rather" have Obama or Hillary in the stead of McCain? Some are going to write someone in out of principle and that would be fine and dandy if we weren't fighting a Global Cultural Jihad. The Presidency is rather a moot point at the moment with the Battle Ground being in the Lower House in November. All angst and, IMHO, misguided principles need to be set aside and win back the Lower House. (read the rest)